About me
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I’m Chris – the UK’s top caricature artist.

I’ve been drawing portraits, street caricatures and satirical cartoons for over 30 years – and although my work has taken me all around the world (from Malta to Spain, Eastern Europe to the UAE), the light-hearted, fun-loving British spirit has been my art’s most grateful recipient. Whether it’s a wedding in East London or a 60th birthday party in Kent, joy and laughter are always on the guest list. Add a live caricaturist to the mix, and you get to see friends, relatives and awkward co-workers crack up for hours – nothing beats a good dash of self-deprecating humour.


Bringing laughter and shared memories to those special events – birthdays, weddings, corporate events and graduation ceremonies – is my passion. Your guests will remember all the funky hair dos, misshapen ears and ‘unique’ features in all their sketched-out glory; plus, they’ll get to take their drawings home at the end of the day as a memento of the party. Each of my caricatures is completed using an original charcoal technique, sealed and packaged to make a quality keepsake. But the part my clients enjoy most? Seeing their loved ones in absolute stitches as a caricature begins to take shape. Event entertainment doesn’t get much better than that.


To find out more about my work, or to book me for my next event, you can email me at chrispavlick@gmail.com or use the booking form.